Jennifer Lopez Refuses To Marry ‘Fun Fling’ Ben Affleck?

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck shocked the world earlier this year by getting back together after close to 20 years apart. One tabloid reported that Affleck was eager to move forward with the Selena star, even after rekindling their relationship weeks before. Gossip Cop investigates. 

Are Lopez And Affleck On Two Different Pages?

According to the National Enquirer, wedding bells are in the air for Affleck and Lopez. “Ben wants to elope and has suggested they head down to Mexico for a quickie no-frills wedding!” an unnamed insider told the publication. However, Hustlers actress is allegedly a little more apprehensive and a little less serious than her boyfriend. “Jen’s looking at this as more of a fun fling between two good friends who’ve been through a lot emotionally in the past year. It’s really given her ego a needed boost.”

Lopez’s supposed trepidations are not stopping Affleck from charging full speed ahead. “Ben’s on a speedboat where his romance is concerned, while she’s in a rowboat. Jen just wants to relax and enjoy herself before making any future commitments,” the source continued before noting that out of Lopez’s ex-fiances, Affleck made it farther than Alex Rodriguez did. “Jennifer and Ben got closer to getting married than she did with A-Rod. But she’s not ready for the kind of commitment that Ben is looking for — at least, not yet.”

Gossip Cop’s Take

This article’s position is such a cop-out. The claim that Affleck wants to expedite his relationship is canceled out by the allegation that Lopez wants to take things slow. If the couple doesn’t get married, the publication can say it was right, and if they do get married soon, the tabloid can also say it was right. Either way, the publication sneakily turns out on top.

As for how serious the couple is, Affleck tagged along with Lopez to look at LA homes with her two kids last week. Whether or not they are looking for a home together remains to be seen, but if you take your boyfriend house-hunting, you definitely want his input. Lopez also brought her twin teenagers along too, which doesn’t sound like someone who wants to take her relationship slow. 

Not A New Story

The Enquirer keeps flip-flopping on how serious Affleck and Lopez’s relationship is. First, the outlet reported that Lopez was too busy for a relationship after her split from Rodriguez. Then the couple was trying to keep their relationship out of the public eye. And then Lopez was trying to change Affleck’s behavior, which is not something a casual partner will try to do. Clearly, the tabloid has no idea what is happening with the couple.

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