City Hall drops the ball on teacher vaccinations

City Hall apparently has no clue how many teachers have been vaccinated — indeed, there’s no sign of any mechanism for tracking the info. Way to fast-track reopening schools, Mr. Mayor.

United Federation of Teachers boss Mike Mulgrew insists reopening depends on getting teachers jabbed. But two weeks after he got priority vax access for his members, City Hall won’t say how many teachers have gotten the vaccine. The claim is that officials haven’t yet tabulated vax data by occupation, but that’s no excuse for not offering some numbers.

Mulgrew said Jan. 11 that about 17,000 teachers requested a shot in the first 24 hours after it became available to them. But even he doesn’t know how many of the 75,000 educators and 25,000 unionized staffers have been jabbed, though he says the city promised the info.

A lack of reporting requirements doesn’t help. Teachers don’t have to record if they got the shot outside the city. But they have plenty of opportunities to get it here, with both the city and the union making shots available.

Yes, the mayor can blame the feds for a vax shortage that reportedly forced the city to cancel thousands of teachers’ appointments. But that’s no excuse for failing to keep track of teachers’ shots. Once the data became vital for reopening middle and high schools (where students haven’t been taught in person since November), how could de Blasio fail to plan to monitor the numbers?

This is dereliction of duty — and it’s children that will suffer because of it.

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