‘EastEnders’ viewers terrified for Tommy Moon’s future after horror fall

EastEnders fans have been worried about Tommy Moon’s (Sonny Kendall) fate after watching him fall from a window during a shocking blaze at the Mitchell house on last night’s episode (Monday 13 September). 

After Janine’s (Charlie Brooks) daughter Scarlett (Tabitha Byron) was reported missing, Kat (Jessie Wallace) and Janine rushed to find her, only for Janine to discover that she’d been hiding with her half-brother, Tommy, at his home.

Determined to get her back, Janine chased the two upstairs, despite Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) lying unconscious on the floor after being hit by Shirley Carter (Linda Henry). 

The fire left Albert Square in chaos.  (Image credit: BBC)

Once Janine found them in Tommy’s room and tried to take Scarlett, Tommy locked them, including himself, in the room stopping Janine from escaping with Scarlett and threw the keys in between the floorboards.

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