Jonas Brothers Release New Single 'Who's In Your Head' – Read the Lyrics & Listen Now!

Exciting news for Jonas Brothers fans – they have a new song out!

The bros – Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas – dropped their latest single titled “Who’s In Your Head” at midnight on Friday (September 17).

Click inside to listen to the song!

“I wanna know who’s in your head? / Stealin’ your heart while I’m still bleedin’ / Who’s in your bed?” Nick and Joe sing on the track. “Wrapped in your arms while I ain’t sleepin’ / Got lost in your halo (Halo), I just wanna know / Know who’s in your head, in your head / I wanna know who’s in your head, in your head.”

The day before, Nick‘s wife Priyanka Chopra penned a super sweet tribute to him in honor of his 29th birthday! You can see her post here.

You can download the Jonas Brothers‘ new song off of iTunes here – listen to “Who’s In Your Head” now!

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