Love Island’s Marcel Somerville’s son subjected to racial abuse by trolls

Love Island star Marcel Somerville has opened up about receiving horrific racial abuse aimed towards himself and his young son Roman, who he welcomed into the world eight months ago

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Marcel shares footage of fiancee giving birth in February

Marcel Sommerville has revealed he was sent horrible racial abuse after the birth of his son.

The Love Island star welcomed baby Roman into the world eight months ago with his fiancée Rebecca Vieira but since the tot’s arrival, Marcel has received horrible messages and disgusting graphic images.

Blazin’ Squad’s Marcel was overjoyed when his boy was born, gushing about the “beautiful and handsome” tot but there has since been a string of horrific abuse directed towards them because of the colour of their skin.

“When Roman was born we were getting horrible stuff being sent,” he said on the Let’s Talk About It podcast.

Marcel and Rebecca share son Roman

“People said ‘oh another slave has been born’. They were putting up pictures of Roman with nooses around his neck.”

Marcel thinks his Love Island fame, and being the first fully black person on the show, has meant he has been particularly targeted.

He added: “I was the first fully black person to be on Love Island. So I think from that and from being quite popular on the show it led to people wanting to be a bit horrible and send messages and all those kind of things.

“I’ve got 100,000 people who follow me on Instagram because they don’t like me and they just want to do racist stuff.”

The couple have opened up about their son receiving horrific racial abuse

Marcel is set to marry Rebecca, after he got down on one knee and proposed to her during her pregnancy

Marcel and Rebecca opened up exclusively to The Mirror back in March about their feelings of fear and anger, after racist trolls targeted their son.

“I’m both scared and angry at the same time that people think it’s OK to be racist in this day and age,” she said.

“Most people have been really supportive and have sent lovely messages to me and Marcel but there have been a few horrible ones. On Saturday I received some really disturbing direct messages from one vile troll in particular who told me my son, Roman, was ugly.”

She added: “I blocked them and they just created a new account to continue trolling me and my son. I hate it so much. How can anyone want to attack my Roman like that?

Love Island star Marcel branded Rebecca a superwoman after the baby was born

“How many times am I gonna have to receive these kinds of messages before something is done about it?”

After the baby’s arrival, Marcel took to social media to celebrate the birth and praise his wife-to-be.

@rebeccavieirax is literally my idol she has spent the last 2 days in labour and I don’t know where she got the strength from as I’m running on fumes but she did it and I could not be prouder of my future wife. I adore you mama! Absolutely adore every single ounce of you!” he wrote on social media.

“You’re my Wonder Woman! We did it mama and he’s everything we could have wished for.”

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