Taylor Swift Tells Joe Alwyn To Propose Before It’s Too Late?

Is Taylor Swift encouraging her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, to purpose by dropping hints in her music? According to one tabloid, Alwyn needs to purpose soon before Swift moves on and finds someone new. Gossip Cop investigates. 

Is Taylor Swift Itching For A Proposal?

According to the Star, Joe Alwyn “can’t drag his heels forever” and needs to propose soon if he wants to keep Taylor Swift. An insider close to the couple alleges that Alwyn has “been warned that it could spell the end of them if he doesn’t ask Taylor to marry him soon.” Apparently, Swift is trying to make it as clear as possible that marriage is the next step in their relationship. 

The singer isn’t above trying to get through to Alwyn through her music. Songs like “Paper Rings,” “Invisible String,” and “Willow” all include hidden meanings that Swift is itching for a wedding ceremony. But the tabloid claims Alywn can’t seem to catch the numerous hints Swift has been dropping. The pair have been together for almost five years, which the source notes is “a long enough time to realize if you’re made for each other.” 

What’s Going On With Taylor Swift, Joe Alwyn? 

The narrative the Star is pushing is not only unreliable, but it’s also a tired one. Yes, Swift loves creating music with secret messages and deeper underlying meanings. But that’s in no way an indication that she’s giving an ultimatum to her boyfriend of five years. Also, Swift was just spotted in Belfast to surprise Alwyn as he filmed Conversations with Friends, so it hardly appears like there’s any sort of tension between the couple.

Star can’t seem to get its story straight when it comes to Swift and Alwyn. In 2019, the outlet reported that the duo took “a break to reflect on things” after three years of dating. Apparently, a bit of tension arose between the two because of Swift’s celebrity status. The story was false, as Swift and Alwyn were just together for Thanksgiving a few weeks earlier. Then, a year later, Star claimed that Swift and Alwyn were eloping with no mention of their break. Again, the tabloid was entirely wrong. 

Taylor Swift’s song lyrics are occasionally used as evidence that she’s pushing Alwyn to purpose. A report in 2019 claimed the song “Lover” was a direct message for Alwyn to finally pop the question. Gossip Cop debunked the narrative after Swift’s rep explained that the story was false. Although there’s been no news on an engagement, it’s still pretty obvious Swift and Alywn are happy together. 

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