Boys World Is the Girl Group I Needed When I Was Younger

In my teenage years, I was completely boy band-obsessed (Big Time Rush, One Direction, The Wanted—you name it), so I was more than excited to hear about the newest girl group on the pop scene, Boys World. They formed after KYN Entertainment scouted each of them individually on Instagram, and in true Gen Z fashion, they have garnered quite a following as a group on TikTok. After watching their music video for “Wingman,” I wanted to learn more about the group of five, so I chatted with the girls to get their perspective on their personal style, where they find their inspiration, and, of course, their new music.

I don’t know how else to describe my Zoom call with them other than that it felt nothing like an interview but instead like I was sitting with five best friends who were extremely passionate about creating music and eager to share anything with me, whether it was an eyeliner they’re obsessed with or how much they loved a Juicy Couture bag they found at an Ohio thrift store. I was enamored by their confidence, and all I could think about was that they were most definitely a group of girls I could’ve used to look up to when I was in my teenage years. Why? Because they were so unapologetically themselves, but it was also the way they worked with each other in conversation and uplifted each other’s opinions. I know there have obviously been girl groups in the past, but something about this team seems different—from the strong communication they’ve garnered with each other to the respect they have for each other’s coherent individuality. They differ in terms of liking chill R&B and gothic rock but still find middle grounds in Megan thee Stallion and Justin Bieber. Not to mention they aren’t afraid to push boundaries with fashion and beauty. They even did their own makeup and hair for some of their recent videos.

Keep scrolling to learn all about Boys World, and don’t forget to listen to their latest EP, While You Were Out, which is streaming on all music platforms.

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