Stylin’: $120 Hot Wheels Gucci Cadillac Seville sold out

Gucci’s still got it.

Hot Wheels has collaborated with Gucci on a 1:64 scale 1982 Cadillac Seville decked out in the design house’s style and it’s already too late to get one.

The entire run of 5,000 cars, which come with their own display cases, has been sold out at $120 each. The white sedans feature Gucci logos and striping and a landau top that looks like one of its famous handbags.

The fantasy project has some basis in reality as a Cadillac dealer built 300 Sevilles designed by Gucci cars in 1978, based on the previous edition model.

More recently, the Italian brand teamed up with Fiat on the 500 by Gucci subcompact.

The Cadillac isn’t the only luxury offering from Hot Wheels this year, not by a longshot.


It just revealed the IWC x Hot Wheels Racing Works 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing priced at $10,000, which comes with an IWC watch to justify it.

Only 50 are being offered, with one available through a Bonhams charity auction with the proceeds earmarked for the Two Bit Circus Foundation for STEM education.

The car wears the number 68, which signifies the founding years of IWC and Hot Wheels in 1868 and 1968, respectively.

For those keeping track, the total value of both model runs is $1.1 million

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