The Most Important Handbag Trends of Spring 2021

Spring 2021 might feel like a pipe dream at this point, but I am here to assure you it is closer than it appears. Sifting through all the glorious newness that the spring and summer runways brought us not too long ago felt like such a breath of fresh air (especially compared to the stuffiness of the same boring sweat outfit I have been wearing on repeat since, oh I don’t know, March). So far, we’ve reported on the biggest spring trends overall, the biggest color trends, and the biggest shoe trends, and today, we’re here to hone in a bit tighter and share with you the most important handbag trends of 2021.

At this point, who really knows how often we will be relying on our handbags as much as we used to, but if I know you all like I think I do, it’s safe to assume that no matter what the new norm ends up being, buying cute accessories will always sound like a good idea. With that said, ahead you will discover the 5 spring handbag trends we’re guessing we will be seeing everywhere next year. Featuring designers from Fendi to Hermes, I can guarantee one of the new styles ahead will get you more than excited for the season ahead. 

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