How Terry Bradshaw underwent arm surgery in 1983 as ‘Thomas Brady’

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Today is a special anniversary for Tom Brady. Or rather, it’s a special anniversary for someone who assumed his name.

As a Twitter account named Quirky Research noted Wednesday: on this day 38 years ago, the quarterback with the most Super Bowl wins at the time got arm surgery under a pseudonym that would later be the name modern NFL fans would associate with such an accomplishment.

If you’re unable to read the screenshot, here’s a key portion of the text — which was published when Brady was only five:

Pittsburgh Steelers‘ star quarterback Terry Bradshaw underwent surgery on his throwing arm under an alias, officials said Tuesday.

Charles Boyd, Doctor’s Hospital administrator, said the four-time Super Bowl quarterback was admitted March 3 under the name Thomas Brady.

Bradshaw, who owns a farm south of Shreveport, La., was operated on the same day for muscle tears in his right elbow, Boyd said. He left the hospital March 5.

This injury would turn out to be the death knell for Bradshaw’s career. Though he got the surgery, he would not return to the field until Week 15 of the 1983 season. He went five-for-eight passing for 77 yards and two touchdowns against the Jets in a 34-7 win. It would be the last time he suited up for not just the Steelers, but in his professional career.

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