Urban Aeronautics Secures $10 Million For Continued Work on Wingless eVTOL

Urban Aeronautics’ eVTOL, CityHawk, will be a wingless aircraft. (Urban Aeronautics/)

Israel-based aerospace company Urban Aeronautics says it has secured $10 million for the continued development of its CityHawk eVTOL aircraft.

The company, founded in 2006, is currently raising a Series A round of at least $100 million. The funds announced Tuesday came from private investors from the U.S., Brazil, and Israel.

About The Aircraft

CityHawk is a wingless, car-sized eVTOL aircraft that features a fully enclosed rotor system and is designed to complete multiple trips within a city per day with zero emissions and minimal noise. It is intended for commercial air charters and emergency medical services.

The company says the aircraft will be fueled by hydrogen, and in June 2020, announced it had partnered with California-based Hypoint to adapt hydrogen fuel cell technology for aviation.

In July, Urban said it had completed successful test flights for the company’s tech demonstrator. The company also says it has already received pre-orders from Hatzolah Air for four CityHawk eVTOLs for ambulance use.

“While we know that the vigorous testing and regulatory compliance that comes with any new aviation technology is still in development across the globe,” said Urban Aeronautics CEO Nimrod Golan-Yanay in a statement, “we are extremely excited and bolstered by the milestones we’ve achieved in recent months that show how ideally suited CityHawk is for practical applications right within the city itself.”

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