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Couple enjoying McDonald’s mean realise that they’re ‘being watched’

A couple had their romantic McDonald’s breakfast interrupted by a “cheeky” visitor.

Darren Rodwell visited the fast food restaurant with his fiancé on the morning of September 17.

However, before the pair could tuck into their hash browns, a seagull perched on the car and “stared” at them while they were at the joint in Southport.

Liverpool Echo reports that Darren stated: “As soon as I pulled up it got on our car and started staring at our food!

“I thought me and my partner were having a nice romantic breakfast until that got on our bonnet.”

The seagull was persistent, staying on the car even as they drove off.

Darren Rodwell filmed this seagull on his car bonnet as he tried to enjoy a ‘romantic’ breakfast date with his partner

Darren continued: “It was with us for maybe 10 minutes. As I drove of it was still on our bonnet I had to get out the car in the end and scare it off.”

Despite being watched by the bird, Darren explained his breakfast was “lovely” and said he would rate it a nine out of 10.

He added: “Would have been a 10 if the seagull wasn’t staring at me from start to finish”.

It’s not the first time people have had dealings with “cheeky” seagulls while eating fast food.

Earlier this summer, people in St Helens reported birds sitting on their bonnets and perching on wing mirrors, after following cars from McDonald’s.

Others claimed they have had food stolen by seagulls.

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