Carol Vorderman says she’s going on ‘2 day bender’ after getting ‘best news’

Maths whizz Carol Vorderman has got some serious celebrating to do after announcing some exciting news about her daughter, Katie

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Carol Vorderman discusses Moon landing with daughter Katie in 2019

Carol Vorderman told fans she was going on a “2 day bender” after receiving “big news”.

The former Countdown host, 61, revealed her daughter Katie, 31, had passed her PHD at Cambridge University, making her a qualified doctor.

Taking to Instagram proud mum Carol wrote: “Yesterday my girl Katie passed her ‘viva’….an interrogation of her PhD thesis by a panel of examiners.

“She can now call herself DOCTOR KATIE KING.

“It’s all she has ever wanted to be since being a little girl. A Cambridge research scientist and then to become an astronaut….like you do.”

Carol explained her daughter’s thesis was about a the delivery of a new cancer drug.

Carol was ‘over the moon’



So proud!



She said that hopefully the drug will help to alleviate patients of the symptoms of chemotherapy, adding that Katie was working on the project with Astra Zeneca.

Expressing her pride she continued: “So here’s me as her Mum. So proud. I know all the struggles she’s overcome, and the hard graft she’s put in to become this fine young woman.

“I don’t want this feeling to stop.

“She’s on top of the world…yeah xx

“And quite honestly I am too and so is her little brother Cameron.

The hangover was worth it



“What a lucky mother I am. Single parenting ain’t that bad after all.”

Carol’s positive post was met with a flurry of support from her fans with many congratulating the mother and daughter.

Doctor Who writer Russell T. Davies, H from Steps and Countryfile presenter Julia Bradbury were among many who sent their well wishes.

The star later shared a pic of her wearing sunglasses with the caption: “Hungover face…..thank all the gods for sunnies.

Carol celebrated her son’s success last year

“Hurty head and happy heart day all round.”

Carol celebrated her son’s educational success last year when she revealed he’d earned a Masters.

Cameron, who has learning difficulties, received a master of science degree with merit in animation and VFX.

The proud mum shared a snap of her boy dressed in a sharp suit as he smiled alongside his mum on his graduation day.

Pride of Britain host Carol wrote on Instagram: “Such a wonderful day @dundeeuni.

“So Cameron was in a special school with severe learning difficulties for most of his early life but he’s worked hard and learned strategies and boy how he’s turned it all around

“I couldn’t be prouder of him.”

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