Harris says ‘We will not give up’ as voting rights fails

Vice President Kamala Harris struck a defiant tone as Democrats’ bid to pass voting rights reforms failed to pass the Senate late Wednesday evening.

“We are not giving up,” Ms Harris told The Independent. “We will not give up.”

The Senate failed to pass voting rights on a 49 to 51 basis with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer voting against it so as to bring up the bill later this year.

She said: “I’m here tonight because this is a historic night, and history is going to record – and watch, certainly – the votes that are taking place.

“This is about the fundamental freedom to vote and what should be an unfettered access to the ballot. I’m here to make a very strong statement that this is, whatever happens tonight and the outcome of this vote, the president and I are not going to give up on this issue.

“This is fundamental to our democracy and it is non-negotiable.”

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