Howard Stern calls for unvaccinated people to be denied Covid treatment

Howard Stern has called for unvaccinated people to be denied treatment for Covid, saying that if he was in charge all hospitals would be “closed” to those who refuse to get jabbed.

The 68-year-old radio host was asked by a listener on Wednesday’s (19 January) episode of The Howard Stern Show what he thought “about just letting the pandemic run wild and move through the unvaccinated?”

Stern responded by saying: “If it was up to me, anyone unvaccinated would not be admitted to a hospital.”

Stern continued by poking fun at the beliefs of unvaccinated people who “don’t trust our [US] government.”

“They think that there’s some conspiracy to turn them into a magnet or something like this,” he said. “They think they are going to become magnetised if they take the vaccine.”

‘Now if you don’t get it, in my America, all hospitals would be closed to you,’ says the New York-born radio host

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The New York-born radio host explained there were enough Americans, including him, who had taken the vaccine by now.

“Look at us as a sampling where nothing has happened to us,” Stern said. “It’s time for you to get it.

“Now if you don’t get it, in my America, all hospitals would be closed to you. You’re going to go home and die,” Stern added.

Earlier this month, the radio host called for world number one Novak Djokovic to be banned from tennis because of his anti-vaccine stance.

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“That f***nut Djokovic,” Stern said on his SiriusXM programme. “What a f****** asshole.”

“The first I’ve heard of this guy is that he doesn’t want to get his vaccine. They should throw him right the f*** out of tennis. That’s it. Goodbye,” he added.

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