Anti-vaxxer takes microphone mid-flight and ranted about Covid

An alleged anti-vaxxer was filmed taking a microphone out of her luggage and ranting about Covid to fellow passengers onboard a flight.

In a mid-air incident that was caught on video and uploaded to TikTok on Sunday, an unidentified woman walked up and down the aisle of an airplane ranting about Covid.

The person filming the incident captioned the TikTok: “I bought in-flight wifi just to post this. We are in the air right now.”

Appearing with her own microphone and headset, the passenger told airline workers: “I tried borrowing yours [microphone] but you didn’t want me to use it. I brought my microphone so I’m going to use it”.

Cabin crew asked the woman to remain in her seat but she continued to shout about Covid, which she alleged was “started all because humans have lost a little bit of faifth”.

After she was threatened with hand cuffs, the woman turned to her fellow passengers and claimed that she was being attacked because she was “not terrible to look at”.

“I don’t need to be cuffed, I’m completely harmless,” the woman shouted through her mouthpiece. “I think you’re only doing this because like I said, I’m not terrible to look at.”

Passengers were heard yelling back at the woman, who went on to accuse those onboard of being less intelligent than her dog.

“You just want the attention, that’s what she wants,” an irritated passenger was heard saying. “She just wants the attention.”

Although it was not clear what airline or flight the incident occurred on, members of cabin crew appeared to be in uniform for Delta Airlines, whom The Independent has reached out to for comment.

The footage is among dozens of incidents onboard flights in the US in recent months, many of which have gone viral on TikTok and other forms of social media.

It includes a woman onboard an American Airlines flight being duct-tapped to her seat for trying to open the aircraft door mid-flight.

According to the Federal Aviation Authority, the number of mid-air incidents investigated a year is around 142, although between January and mid-June of this year, that number was at 487.

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