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Watch live as coroner gives update on Gabby Petito autopsy

Gabby Petito’s parents said they want a face to face meeting with Brian Laundrie’s parents so they can ask them why they are continuing to protect their son in the face of mounting evidence that he may have been involved with the woman’s murder.

A man believes his CCTV security cameras may have picked up images of fugitive Mr Laundrie in Florida, a report says.

According to the TMZ website, the images were recorded on the outskirts of the man’s property in Dunnellon on 9 October.

Meanwhile, Mr Laundrie’s father, Chris, received court summons for tearing up a protester’s sign. The sign read “What if it was Cassie?” and had been placed on the family’s front lawn.

It appears that police may be permanently scaling back their search for Mr Laundrie at the Carlton Reserve. However, that has not stopped the overall search for Mr Laundrie, including a number of false alarms.

Earlier, a man resembling Brian Laundrie found himself handcuffed by US Marshals. The man looked so similar to Mr Laundrie that he adopted the trial name “Not Brian” to ward off the comparison.


Gabby Petito timeline: When was she found and how did she die?

The focus of the Brian Laundrie manhunt has shifted back to the Carlton Reserve in Florida after the family attorney said he believes the missing fugitive is still hiding out in the 25,000-acre nature reserve.

Steve Bertolino said Mr Laundrie, 23, may be unaware of the nationwide manhunt for him, telling Fox News: “I believe Brian is still in the preserve. And as such I don’t think he has access to the news.”

As law enforcement ramped up their search of the park on Wednesday, Mr Bertolino also revealed that Brian’s father Chris Laundrie had been asked to join in the hunt for his missing son.

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Laundrie’s former co-worker: he was like a “chameleon”

Brian Laundrie had the personality of a “chameleon”, according to one of his former co-workers.

Michael Livingston, who said he worked with Mr Laundrie during parts of 2017 and 2018, said that the 23 year old “never came across as the kind of person that would be the killing type.”

Mr Livingston, aged 31, worked at a Long Island garden centre, where Mr Laundrie also worked doing odd jobs and at the sales counter.

Speaking on Mr Laundrie, Mr Livingstone said: “He did have that tendency to be — I don’t wanna say the wrong thing and make him sound worse than he already is — he was kind of a guy who would get p—ed off pretty quick,” Fox News reported.

“I remember from back then he was a big yoga nut, always telling me, ‘I gotta worry about my zen,’” Mr Livingston said. “And I thought he was this weirdo.”

Eleanor Sly20 October 2021 10:15


Emily Ferlazzo: Suspicious disappearance of another van-life woman in wake of Petito case as husband ‘admits to killing’

The husband of a 22-year-old woman, who has been missing for four days, has been arrested by the Vermont state police after he allegedly admitted to killing her.

A body, believed to be that of Emily Ferlazzo, was also recovered on Tuesday. An autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday.

Joseph Ferlazzo told investigators that he had killed his wife inside their camper van in the Vermont town of Bolton, police said. He has been charged with first-degree murder and his arraignment is scheduled for 10.30 am on Wednesday at the Vermont Superior Court in Burlington.

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Parts of the Carlton Reserve reopen to the public

Areas of the Carlton Reserve have been reopened to the public for the first time since the search for Brian Laundrie manhunt started.

The reserve is located in Florida and is made up of more than 24,500 acres. Alligators, venomous snakes, and other animals all live in the nature reserve and it is thought that Mr Laundrie could have been hiding there too.

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Brian Laundrie: Everything we know about Gabby Petito’s boyfriend as manhunt continues

Federal prosecutors have indicted Brian Laundrie, 23, in the case of Gabby Petito, whose remains were discovered in a Wyoming national park after an extensive nationwide search.

The fiance of the 22-year-old “van life” blogger, whose death has been ruled a homicide, Mr Laundrie was travelling with Ms Petito on a cross-country road trip from New York to Oregon when she went missing in late August.

Mr Laundrie returned to his family’s home in Florida alone on 1 September in the white Ford transit van the couple had been living in and ultimately disappeared himself on 13 September, having apparently told his family he was going for a hike in the nearby Carlton Reserve, a 25,000-acre wilderness.

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Brian Laundrie’s parents are being ‘tortured’

Steven Bertolino, the attorney representing Brian Laundrie’s parents, said that his clients are being “tortured” by protesters “in their own home.”

“They are being tortured in their own home by these protesters outside,” Mr Bertolino was quoted as saying by the Insider.

For weeks now, protesters have been showing up regularly outside their home in North Port, Florida — sometimes even knocking on the Laundries’ door and shouting abuse, and a number of signs have been left outside.

The attorney said: “They are being harassed with lawsuits for a $40 sign that was more than likely on their property and should be considered litter.” A day before, a protester had filed a lawsuit against Christopher Laundrie for yanking off a sign from his front lawn. The protester had said that she contributed $40 for the sign that read “What if it was Cassie?”, referring to Brian Laundrie’s sister.

“And all of the foregoing is occurring when they have no idea whether their son is alive or not,” Mr Bertolino added.

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Petito fundraiser organisers credit Gabby’s family for ‘paying it forward’

One of the organisers of the first-ever Gabby Petito Foundation fundraiser — that was held on 17 October — has spoken about how the Petito family “insisted on paying it forward”.

Steve Campo, Bill Nevin and Christian Cabrera — the organisers — are friends of Petito’s stepfather Jim Schmidt, and the three “made sure to get her parents’ blessing for the fundraising events”.

Mr Nevin said: “We went to the family to make sure they were okay with it, and they’ve been updated every time we did something.”

Initially, the fundraiser was going to support Petito’s family directly, but they refused. “We were just gonna get the money to the family because of the expenses they incurred,” Mr Nevin said.

Instead, the Petito family insisted the money be used to help others, saying: “We want the foundation to help other victims of domestic violence and any other families that have to go through the tragedy that their family went through.”

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Gabby Petito’s mother on Moab incident: ‘I wanted to jump through the screen and rescue her’

Speaking about the Moab incident between Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie, Petito’s mother, Nichole Schmidt recently said that she wanted to “jump through the screen and rescue her.”

In September, the Moab police released bodycam footage that showed Petito sobbing. The couple were on a cross-country road trip at that point.

Ms Schmidt, in an interview, recently said: “It’s just hard to watch. I wanted to jump through the screen and rescue her. I saw a young girl that needed someone to just hug her and keep her safe. I just felt so bad for her. I wish that she reached out to me.”

On 19 September, Petito’s remains were found on the outskirts of a national park in Wyoming and the coroner later declared that she died due to throttling.

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Behavioural scientist examines clues from the Moab incident

Dr Ann Wolbert Burgess, a behavioural scientist, examined clues from the Moab incident in an interview and concluded that there were “classic signs” of Gabby Petito being controlled by Brian Laundrie.

She pointed out two incidents: one in a restaurant in Jackson, Wyoming and the Moab incident between the couple and said that those were the “critical clues” to the case.

She said that these incidents “start to add up and give us a better profile of him.”

Talking about the Moab incident, Dr Burgess told News Nation Now: “She [Gabby Petito] has to go back and apologise to him. That is the key to what might have happened.”

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Seven bodies found during search for Brian Laundrie

At least seven bodies have been discovered around the US amid the ongoing search for the fugitive, Brian Laundrie.

The seventh body — that of a woman who went missing near an area in Colorado where Mr Laundrie and Petito visited in early July — was found this week, the Sun reported.

At least four other bodies were found under “suspicious circumstances” near areas where police were searching for either Mr Laundrie or Petito before her remains were found.

Two other bodies were found before Mr Laundrie went missing near the areas where he was road tripping with Petito. The manhunt for the 23-year-old fugitive has been ongoing for five weeks now.

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